Good reviews for my commentary for “Love Among the Ruins”

Last year I did an audio commentary for the 1975 TV movie “Love Among the Ruins”. It’s received some nice reviews:

This is from High Def Digest:

“Well researched, informative, a tad salacious, and presented in an affable, easygoing manner, the discussion chronicles the production history of Love Among the Ruins, the prior connections between Hepburn, Olivier, and Cukor, and the television landscape at the time of the movie’s broadcast. Vagg also provides historical background on breach-of-promise cases, reveals Cukor had to convince Olivier to participate in the project, and draws parallels between Hepburn’s relationship with Spencer Tracy and Olivier’s marriage to Vivien Leigh. I initially questioned whether Vagg could sustain a monologue about Love Among the Ruins for the film’s entire running time, and he almost manages to complete the challenge. He runs out of steam at the 92-minute mark, but nevertheless contributes an absorbing and informative track that fans of this production will certainly enjoy.”

Look, I probably can’t ask for a more accurate description of my commentaries than “Well researched, informative, a tad salacious, and presented in an affable, easygoing manner!

At Home Theatre Forum:

“film historian Stephen Vagg has done his research which he shares (both factual and gossip) about the film’s before-and-behind-the-camera participants…. it’s certainly worth a listen.”

At NitpixNitpix:

“Better still, Kino Lorber has shelled out for an audio commentary from Stephen Vagg that delves into a many-splendored history of both the production, its stars’ respective careers, and the premise of the title – the elegant poem written by Robert Browning in 1855, and, read in its entirely by Vagg.”

At Moviegazette:

“Well researched and informative.”

Thanks so much to these crits to (a) take the time to listen in the first place and (b) write something up.

And of course thanks to Kino for giving me the job in the first place!



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