Nice reviews for my audio commentary for “One Hundred Men and a Girl”

Kino asked me to do an audio commentary for Deanna Durbin’s first starring vehicle, “One Hundred Men and a Girl” which was tremendous fun to do – and also fascinating to research.

It received this following nice review.

“The Kino Blu-ray offers a new commentary by Stephen Vagg (author of Rod Taylor: An Aussie in Hollywood) on One Hundred Men and a Girl. He’s excellent and digs pretty deep in exploring information on Producer Joe Pasternak’s fascinating start to his long career and Durbin plus much more.

Thanks, DVD Beaver!

Another review:

“Stephen Vagg offers a fairly comprehensive audio commentary on the making of the movie as well as anecdotal tales from behind the camera. Good stuff here and well worth a listen”

And another:

“film historian Stephen Vagg offers a very informative if somewhat crowded commentary track offering many facts about quite a few of the behind-the-scenes artists as well as the actors on-screen. He also has enough time to sketch in Durbin’s entire film career while he’s at it.”

(I plead guilty to “crowded” – I had a lot to pack in!)

Thanks to these writers for their nice words – these commentaries are a labour of love and it’s great to get some positive feedback.

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