Nice reviews for my audio commentary for “The System” (1964)

I got to do another for Kino… Michael Winner’s swinging sixties opus, “The System”.

It got a write up at DVD Beaver:

“the Kino Blu-ray offers a new commentary by Stephen Vagg (author of Rod Taylor: An Aussie in Hollywood) and I really liked it. I don’t know if I have heard more fascinating details a of cast. He goes very deep and the connections seem endless. There is a focus on director Winner but there is a lot covered on many topics including the pace of the film, Torquay and cinematographer Roeg. Stephen was fully prepared and I’d love to hear more commentaries from him in the future. Kudos – a great job!… this Vagg commentary was worthy of a second and third spin.”

Thanks DVD Beaver – and thanks to the people who helped me with it like Jane Merrow. People were generous with their time – this movie should be better known.

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