Stephen’s writing career started with sketches for the UQ Law Revue, then graduated to sketches for a group of people who met doing the UQ Law Revue and didn’t want to stop. He began writing plays and scripts which thankfully were never made, but got him accepted into the Australian Film Television Radio School as a token ex-lawyer. Since then he has written for TV, film and theatre, as well as various magazines and journals. He earned an AWGIE nomination for his play Friday Night Drinks, an AFI nomination for his screenplay, All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane, and a living writing Neighbours for television.


Feature Films

  • JUCY (2010) – writer, co-executive producer – Official selection at Toronto Film Festival 2010, Brisbane International Film Festival 2010, Gold Coast Film Festival 2010, Womans Film Festival Seoul 2011, London Australian Film Festival 2011, Seattle International Film Festival 2011, Scottsdale Film Festival 2011, Israel Australian Film Festival 2011
  • ALL MY FRIENDS ARE LEAVING BRISBANE (2007) – writer, associate producer – Official selection at Brisbane International Film Festival 2007, NatFilm 2007 (winner audience award), London Australian Film Festival 2007 (winner audience award), Singapore Film Festival 2007, Mons Film Festival 2008, Dungog Film Festival 200. Released theatrically in Australia 2007 (Greater Union and Accent Entertainment) and in Denmark in 2008. AFI nomination best adapted screenplay. 


  • NEIGHBOURS – writer (2012 to present), supervising script editor (2013), story producer (2013 to present)
  • TRICKY BUSINESS – script editor for proposed series 2 (2012)
  • HOME AND AWAY – writer (2008-13), script editor (2008-09), associate script producer (2009-11)
  • OUT OF THE BLUE – writer (2007-08), script associate (2008)
  • THE GREAT OUTDOORS – researcher (2002-2004)
  • THE YOUNG LIONS – trainee script editor (2001)
  • MCLEOD’S DAUGHTERS – researcher (2001)


  • ROD TAYLOR: AN AUSSIE IN HOLLYWOOD (2010) – the first full-length biography of the actor, Rod Taylor
  • THE QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS: THREE PLAYS (2007) – includes All My Friends Are Leaving BrisbaneDirty Caff and Friday Night Drinks


  • SIDEKICKS (2012) – Old 505 Sydney 2012, Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013
  • ALL MY FRIENDS ARE LEAVING ADELAIDE (2012) – Adelaide Fringe Festival 2012
  • TOM AND NICOLE AND RUSSELL AND FRIENDS (2008) – Darlinghurst Theatre 2008
  • LOVE SONG DEDICATIONS (2006) – Riverina Theatre Wagga Wagga 2006, Seymour Centre Sydney 2006, Metro Arts Brisbane 2007
  • TRIVIA (2006) – Newtown Theatre Sydney 2006, Woollongong Uni 2006, Metro Arts Brisbane 2006, Arts Theatre Brisbane 2013
  • DICK AND LIZ  (2006) – Short and Sweet Sydney 2006 (short play)
  • REBEL TOUR (2005) – Old Fitzroy Sydney 2005, La Mama Melbourne 2006
  • SIMON CREAN! THE MUSICAL (2003) – Tap Gallery Sydney 2003 (co-writer only)
  • NERD FORMAL (2003) – SBW Stables Sydney 2003, Newington College Sydney 2009
  • FRIDAY NIGHT DRINKS (2002) – Cement Box Brisbane 2002, Tap Gallery Sydney 2002 & 2007, SBW Stables Sydney 2002, La Bar Melbourne 2003, Adelaide Fringe 2008. 2003 Awgie nomination Monte Miller Award
  • DIRTY CAFF (2001) – Cement Box Brisbane 2001
  • ALL MY FRIENDS ARE LEAVING BRISBANE (2000) – Cement Box Brisbane 2000, St Johns College Brisbane 2009, Springwood High School 2012.Gold Coast Arts Centre 2013. Kew Playhouse 2013. 2001 Lightglobe Theatre Award Best Original Play

Publications Regularly Contributed To

  • FILM INK – including interview profiles on George Lazenby, Simon Wincer, Mark Lee, Sandy Gore, Mark Hartley, George Miller.

Academic Articles

Short Films

  • PHOTOCOPIER (2012) – writer (dir: Louise Alston)
  • MONEY SHOT (2000) – writer, producer (dir: Sam Meikle)
  • ABSOLUTION (2000) – writer (dir: Andrew Lawrence)
  • THE BEAT GOES ON (2000) – writer, director
  • CUSTOMS (2000) – writer (dir: Tony Krawitz)
  • SPORT (1999) – writer (dir: Sean Byrne)
  • WHITE DRAGONS (1999) – writer (dir: Chris Richards-Scully)

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Stephen, Craig Graham here from the days of The Great Outdoors. I was reading an article on the Cedar Boys and saw you name and wondered if the Stephen Vagg mentioned was the same cricket-mad x-researcher form the Great Outdoors and indeed it is. Anyway, typed you in and here we are. Was good to check out what you’ve been up to – congratulations on your many successes. Hope you’re well. We should grab a coffee sometime if you’re around in Sydney. I’m based in Balmain and still making television programs. Best place to reach me on via craig@fredbird.com.au Cheers, Craig

  2. Hi! I have a very interesting person who should long ago had a book written about him. His name is GEOFF MACK the person who wrote”I’ve been Everywhere man”. He was involved in many many things- 2nd World War, entertaining overseas after the war, riding a motorbike out to Australia from England, early tent shows throughout Australia, he knows nearly everyone in the entertainment industry, his song has been recorded more than 130 times, it still being recorded today, and is still used in Tv and radio commercials. I could go on and on. Let me know if your interested because I can arrange it. He has home movies of the 40’s and 50’s and I have various discussions with him on tape, many photos, and he has diaries. He is still with us and very good with memories but is 94. Please let me know one way or the other. Many thanks.

  3. Hi Stephen,
    I’m research the history of MGM British studios – is it possible to get from you a copy of your interview with Jon Cleary? I’m interested in his interactions with Larry Bachmann at a time when he was just starting as head of the studio and was told to produce 4 scripts in six months.

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