“The Making of Hitchcock’s The Birds”

A new book has come out about the making of Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. It’s by Tony Lee Moral who did a terrific book about the making of “Marnie” a while back. This is also excellent – a thorough and entertaining look at Hitch’s last uncontested classic. Full disclosure: I helped Tony with some research (he generously thanked me in the opening spiel, which was cool) but I would praise it anyway. I wish I’d had it available when I was writing my Rod Taylor bio.

Copies available here.

White Dragons

White Dragons was a documentary I wrote during my first year at AFTRS, back in 1999. One of the good things about film schools is that you can be forced to write stuff you wouldn’t normally consider (although it doesn’t always seem like it at the time). It ended up being a terrific experience where I got to meet some great characters. The director was the very talented Chris Richards-Scully and it’s up on the net here.