Nice reviews for commentaries I did on The Overlanders and Kangaroo

The Overlanders

“Overall, Vagg’s commentary enhances the experience of watching The Overlanders, since it can’t be fully appreciated without understanding its historical context.”… Digital Bits

“Vagg discusses quite a lot of topics in this well researched commentary of one of the most important films in Australian cinema, which he immediately says is “Australian” even if it came from Ealing Studios. He discusses the Australian cinema at the time, the behind the scenes of the film, biographies of the actors and crew, the historical facts the story was based on and the logistical concerns, the post production, its highly successful release, its influence and much more.” – DVD Compare see here


“another great commentary track by Stephen Vagg, who does a nice job of covering the history of this oddball (and somewhat troubled) production.” Digital Bits

“Vagg also provides another well researched commentary for “Kangaroo”, even though he must admit that he does not think the film is particularly good. But in that sense, he does explain the film’s flaws, the plot holes, the troubled production, and how it got there. He discusses the changes made from the original script, gives biographical information on the cast and crew, the details of the production, its lukewarm reception and much more. Another excellent commentary,” DVD Compare see here