“All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane”… On the Gold Coast

My play “All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane” is being performed at the Gold Coast Oct 3 to 5 at the Arts Theatre. Information is at http://www.theartscentregc.com.au/whats-on/whats-on-items/youth-theatre-project

“All My Friends Are Returning to Brisbane”

612 ABC breakfast recently did a piece on the phenomenon of people returning to Brisbane – it refers to the movie, even Cafe Neon (subject of my second play Dirty Caff) and plays “Streets of Your Town”.

“All My Friends Are Leaving Adelaide”

My first produced play (and screenplay) “All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane”, is now my first adaptation of my own work – “All My Friends Are Leaving Adelaide”, for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. It starts on Wed Feb 29 at Wright Hall, Pembroke School. Tickets only $15!!!

Added Later: There are some nice reviews of the production at the Adelaide Theatre Guide and at Adelaide Tweet. A tougher review at Lip Mag which still says some positive things about it.