About stephenvagg

Stephen's writing career started with sketches for the UQ Law Revue, then graduated to sketches for a group of people who met doing the UQ Law Revue and didn't want to stop. He began writing plays and scripts which thankfully were never made, but got him accepted into the Australian Film Television Radio School as a token ex-lawyer. Since then he has written for TV, film and theatre, as well as various magazines and journals. He earned an AWGIE nomination for his play "Friday Night Drinks", an AFI nomination for his screenplay, "All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane", and a living writing "Home and Away" for television.

New article on Fabian for Diabolique Magazine

I was approached the other month to do some writing for “Diabolique” magazine. I’ve done a few pieces which will be going up over the next few weeks.

First cab off the rank, a look at the movie career of Fabian – a link is here.

Other articles I’ve written recently for Filmink on the Australian Film Industry