Free audio commentaries for Australian films available

I’ve done some audio commentaries for some Australian films which, to be honest, probably no one else would be interested in doing – but I felt they were worth it so I did.

They are all at

The films are:

The Kangaroo Kid (1950) – a Western filmed in Australia with Jock Mahoney – the link is here. To listen to it, just find a copy of the film on you tube – it seems to be in the public domain.

Dad and Dave Come to Town (1938) is my favourite old Aussie film. It stars a young Peter Finch. My commentary is here. The version I did it was the 71 minute one which is floating around on the internet – the UK cut, which is inferior to the longer Aussie cut but that’s the version that’s out there.

Tall Timbers (1937) is a fun, creaky melodrama. Again I used the shortened UK cut, because that’s what was out there. The commentary is here.

Long John Silver (1954) is public domain. Copies are everywhere.. My commentary is here. This film is long but fun -a must if you love Robert Newton pirate acting. I talk a bit about Rod Taylor but he doesn’t appear for the last 20 minutes.

King of the Coral Sea (1954) is a fascinating Australian adventure tale, Rod Taylor’s first feature. The commentary is here. The quality of the audio is poor, I apologise – I was having equipment functions. I kept meaning to re-record it but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I decided to put it up anyway – only the hard core 50s Oz movie fans and Rod Taylor completists are likely to listen anyway. The copy I went off to do this one is from Kanopy – they have a copy of the movie (and a bunch of other Australian films – yay, Kanopy!) The easiest way to access that is by being a member of a library who has Kanopy. Or you can buy a copy of the film from Australia’s National Film and Sound Archive.

These were done during COVID when I was feeling a little flat and determined to do something positive. They are very niche appeal but anyway… here they are.


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